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Debbie Roy
Social Media Strategist & Trainer

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Meet Debbie! 
Social Media Strategist and Trainer! 
Welcome, Debbie here!

I am a Social Media & Business Strategist based in Toronto, Ontario. I work with local and international clients ranging from entrepreneurs to small & medium sized businesses and organizations. 

In 2018 alone, I've taken 3 of my clients VIRAL on social media with the power of social media customer service! 

The world is changing, and so are expectations, ways of communications and ways to deliver a stellar customer experience. Because of these reasons, social media has become a powerful customer care and service tool.

I believe in giving back and educating my clients & audience; this is why you'll regularly see me share ideas and best practices via articles on the Huffington Post, AlphaGamma & Evan Carmichael. 

Whether you are looking for resources and eBook to grow your business, online courses or social media management services, you're in the right place! 

I can't wait to help your business thrive! 

Let's Talk About Some of my Favorite Social Media Misconceptions that Business Owners and Entrepreneurs have! 
Misconception #1:
The online space
 is too crowded! My business won't get the attention it needs. 
Entrepreneurs, businesses, and bloggers are using social media for a reason! Although the numbers are growing by the minute, there is always room for you and your business and a good strategy on social media. So, what are you waiting for? 
 Misconception #2: 
There is no need for social media in my industry. We've done well locally for years. 

Sure, let's have that conversation in a couple of years! The harsh reality is that if you aren't leveraging social media for your marketing and business growth efforts, you're not experiencing the maximum potential that you're business could be experiencing. There is ALWAYS room for growth! 
 Misconception #3: 
There is no return on investment with social media. 

When we talk about return on investment, let's remember that ROI is not always a financial gain. With marketing as well as in life we can observe a return on our investment in various forms such as knowledge, visibility, growing our fan base, new leads and the list goes on. 

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What People Are Saying:
"...resulted in engagement that we previously could only have dreamed of"
“Debbie has been a huge help with our Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Her efforts helped us reach a new audience which resulted in engagement that we previously could only have dreamed of. I would gladly recommend Debbie to anyone looking to amp up their social media.”
Igor Kivritsky
"...helps you develop skills to be independent in creating your own campaigns!"
Hiring Debbie as our social media guru is like having a fairy godmother! She’s full of wisdom and resources to not only help you grow your marketing strategy with comprehensive steps but she also helps you develop skills to be independent in creating your own campaigns!
Keren Chen
"She has developed numerous growth strategies.....We highly recommend her."
Debbie has played a crucial role in our success with North American clients. Her ability to adapt to the customer’s needs in various industries is fascinating. She has developed numerous growth strategies for our clients as well as successfully managed their social media accounts. We highly recommend her.
Emmanuel Garcilazo
Navigate The Resources! 
Check out my blog! You'll find useful social media and business growt tips! 

The Ultimate Facebook Page Growth Worksheet!
The Pinterest Boss Course.........Take Your Pinterest to The Next Level! 

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30-days to 1K Instagram Followers!
“As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always be closing to always be helping.” 
– Jonathan Lister 
Just a few examples of the results I regularly obtain for my clients....
Pinterest Growth for Business
“Thank you for the great assessment. Debbie’s quality of work, communication, and promptness are amazing.”
— Rana Sweis
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